Sunday, February 24, 2008

A very Kara weekend

By mutual agreement, I had permission to feed the family from the delivery trough so I could attend our Kara raids this weekend. We had a full team both days, so we got a lot done. One shotted Attumen, Maiden, and Opera (Oz). Moroes gave us fits, as usual. Oh, and Curator went down.

/do a little dance
/get down tonight

Oh yeah.

First, Moroes.

I have to start considering gear more heavy on stamina or something, because I simply cannot trap Sir Robin or whatever he is. Oh, I can trap him for two trap cycles. On the third, he breaks out before the cooldown is done. In most situations, I can take a few licks before the CD is done, then re-lay the trap and watch it pop. But this guy one-shots 9000 HP huntards for breakfast. I have to figure this one out.

Second time around, the other hunter backed me up after HIS charge was being burned down, and that made all the difference. Easy peasy.

Now Curator.

Our first day, we got him down to 8% health before we lost control. That's not too awfully bad for a raid team that has never beaten him before. Our second attempt was a little punchier. Got him to 30-something. We called it there.

Now, a few things happened on the way to the next day. I got a nice pair of bracers (yes, leather, I know), enough Badges for a new cloak, re-gemmed my chest piece (it had a yellow in a red slot), got new enchants for my cloak, bracers, eyepatch (there's one in HH that is now available to me and is very nice), and weapon. Additionally, my rep with Violet Eye ticked to revered while in Kara, so I went from Warden's Arrows to Mysterious Arrows.

The upshot is that I was actually giving our DPS-dealing GL mage a run for her money on the second day. The word I am groping for here is "wow". That's a pretty significant improvement.

The other hunter on the raid also showed a huge improvement in damage output, making me 2nd bananna to him still. I think we were all thinking pretty much the same thing after our Saturday attempt - "... just 8%. Maybe if I upgraded ..."

So, he went through three cycles of flares then evocate, and then we survived that, and we thought maybe this time... lo and behold, it was. He went down, and he went down alone. None of our doughty troupe died on this one.

We were so excited that we didn't get a victory shot. So at least we have something to look forward to next week.

On to chess. In this case, the trash mobs are the hardest part of the journey. Along the way our RL gave us the tour (he's a veteran of this instance). Chess was unusual, but what it boils down to is free epixx. I'll take that.

Then we peeked in on the Shade of Aran. We were under no illusions that we would be able to survive it. But we needed to start the painful process that got us to beating Moroes, and Curator. Learn by doing. Every time we do, we will be stronger.

/salute the Vorpal Bunnies.

Awesomest. Guild. Evar.

Starting next week, we start an hour later. That might be consistently doable for me, assuming some other things are attended to. I am hopeful.