Friday, February 29, 2008

Scarey moment

There's nothing like seeing a person in the guild sign in for the first time in months.

And then watch him walk between the bank and the nearest vendor multiple times.

And inspect him and see that he's wearing all of 3 items, 5 counting the shirt and tabard.

And see him cycle through all his alts in almost no time - log in, log out, log in, log out ...

Suspicious, I logged out of Orlee's toon and got my Dwarf on, and headed to Stormwind, where our long lost toon was currently at. When I got there, I saw that tableau before me and got suspicious. Checking the guild bank, it was noted that he pulled 3 items - one for each tab. None appeared on the AH.

About then one of our senior officers logged in. He took quick action and kicked all toons on that account. I personally would have just set them to inactive - which I don't think has vault access - but kicking was a perfectly valid option. He sent a letter to the main's toon explaining what was going on. If we're wrong, we'll get an angry puzzled response, and if we're right, we'll get none right away.

I wonder if someone got a digital picture frame recently...

Well, here's hoping it's all a misunderstanding.