Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nice to be back

So much to talk about, where to start? Well, I suppose I'll go in stack order. So, last things first, then.

Since it was a three day weekend, the GL elected to do a Kara raid on Monday. Unfortunately they really didn't have enough to do anything more than Attumen on Saturday or Sunday, so Monday was basically as if we just started.

First was Moroes. We wiped, and part of it was on my plate, as my assignment got loose and I couldn't keep him back. I did get him back a few times but when I didn't, a warlock or priest (I have a thought on this) feared him all over the room. No amount of Distracting Shot will do the trick. With the added distraction, I was unable to really focus on DPS and so it all fell apart for me. Other problems: trapped too far back (couldn't fire on Moroes while tending trap), trap broke early a couple of times, trapped too close to an AoE-ing fool.

I actually have a thought on the trap timer issue; in some Moroes vids I've seen, the hunter tends to trap, run to the other end of the room, and then wait for the mob to come to him. This gives him a couple of more seconds, maybe.

On our second run, the GL called for us to kill 3 adds before killing Moroes, which meant that we had 2 hunters trapping one mob. That worked out very well, because we could rotate traps and back each other up. Moroes went down in a very busines-like fashion.

You know you're close to farm status when people start vocally bitching about the drops from the boss. Yeah, that's right, he's just a very ugly pinata.

Maiden also saw us wipe. This time our RL accidentally pulled her while we were waiting for everyone to turn to thier hymbooks to the same page. Someobody's working my side of the street here - usually I'm the one that pulls the whole instance by being too close to the edge of some platform.

As usual, I had to flirt with this fifty-foot dreamboat of a woman, prior to the festivities. The GL notice this and chided me for aspiring to such heights. She doesn't understand - Maiden is made of stone! Doesn't she know how hawt that is for a Dwarf? Too much woman or no, we all have our weaknesses.

She did go down on the second try (well technically there was only one formal try). For once, there were no casualties on our side. I paused for a few moments to admire her perfect lines, and moved on.

Oh, and I got some gloves - [Gloves of Quickening]. I wasn't going to roll for them, but nobody else wanted them. They aren't a whole lot of upgrade, and it takes a lot of work to get them to the point that they are. But they are for the most part. Enough so that I want to test them on Dr. Boom and get an idea as to my DPS with each.

Opera. Those ushers are really tough. You can't just unleash your best on them unless you want to wear them. No special attacks is the mantra here. Just autofire and heal the pet if needed, maybe Kill Command if you're lucky. But Arcane Shot and Steady Shot are right out.

Also, firing at one before the rest of the raid is ready is right out. Oops. Unfortunately, a series of circumstances added up to our third wipe of the night when I had one the ushers targeted and then started to type "1300 more points to revered!" in chat. If I had been in chat, that is. But I wasn't.

Did I mention that I have "attack" bound to the '1' key? I did? Good.

So the Huntard contingent of our raid was running 2/3 for putting the Tard in Huntard. I put some gold in the guild bank to assuage feelings of guilt. I know, it happens, but there were some real ... "colorful metaphors" overheard on Vent. Money talks.

Well, anyway, on to the show. Literally. Our Opera event was, as we were to find out, Oz. This is the one event I have yet to see in person, so hooray for that, but considering how goofy we were, the GL was very worried about this one.

It turns out that when we put our minds to it, we can put on the hurt. We one-shotted Oz with few casualties. I'm as surprised and confused as anyone on that, but there we go. We took care of business.

Considering I had one purple item already - our normal quota - I was surprised that [Legacy] didn't drop from the Crone. Who, incidentally, appears to be a very tall trollop (female troll).

And then, Curator. Well, what can you say about Curator other than Ouch. The GL elected to just run this one once for practice, and if we wiped, we were calling it. Probably a good idea. You don't want a bunch of punchy toons getting frustrated.

We got him down to 30% this time, and as she has said, it's probably because we're getting more used to what to do when it starts. I remember my first time, when I stared at that first Arcane Flare for what seemed like minutes before actually remembering that I needed to take it down. This time, there was no hesitation - in face, it was anticipation. We got him through two full AF phases before we just petered out.

I lost precious time when Random was killed and I resurrected him. That didn't last long before the next AF got him and I elected to not be distracted. Unfortunately that means that we lost his Ferocious Inspiration buff, which is considerable for some of our DPSers. So next time, he stays on Curator and I focus on the flares.

Practice is what it's all about. One or two more times with the A-team, we might even beat his sparkly ass.

So: Illume. I have been dreading sessions with her, and yet I was tasked by the RL to get her up to 70 ASAP. I have been working on that, but it is like pulling teeth! A lot of dying, and not much satisfaction.

I was originally specced as Ice, then had respecced to Fire around 45, and that was working out moderately well, but not well enough to make me a big fan. Also, every fire mage I had seen appeared to be lagging in damage output when compared to all the other DPSers. So, back to ice. Only that wasn't working out either! Very frustrating!

I finally started looking at specs and comparing to our GL's main, who is a damage machine. While my spec was close, it wasn't in a few critical areas. Those small tweaks made all the difference in the world. Starting last night, Illume has been a joy to play again. Level 55 now, and moving on up. Huzzah!

Illume was the only one of my toons to complete the Love is in the air quest line and as a result she got a stunning [Lovely Blue Dress], which is pictured here. I was rather hoping they would have sweetened the pot (heh heh), but noooo. It's a shame that only Halloween gives up the phat lewtz, of the holidays we enjoy.