Monday, February 11, 2008

Better late than ... well, better late.

My abject and humble apologies for the vast gap of un-grimmtoothedness that has preceded this post, and which could very well happen again. That's life, have a cookie.

There is so much going on, of which much I can't talk about (as in, no idea what to say) and some I just won't. Due to the nature of life, the universe, and everything, I have been relatively raid-free for a while, and probably will be for a time. We still haven't cracked Curator, though we have beaten all 3 Opera events now.

Grimm has acquired his Beast Lord Leggings, making it possible to wear his Beastmaw shoulders without losing the Beast Lord set trap cooldown bonus.

Flora ... is cooling her heels a bit since our raid leader wants to see a mage next. But see above about raiding. In that respect it feels kinda silly.

Illume has made 52 at this point, and is terribly disappointed at the scarcity of good armor at that level. She will probably make 53 in Un'goro. I respecced her from fire to ice but am still not happy with her progress.

On to other things:

It's Valentine's Day! Or at least, WoW is celebrating it. However, I have to ask who came up with the Love Rocket. I mean, just look at it!

Also, it appears that WoW lore is getting a new step of progression in 2.4. This is pretty major stuff, and answers the nagging question I had about how Kael could be both in The Eye and the Sunwell too. My question is: will the location possibly deter visitors? Of course, one also notes that immediately north of the island is ... Northrend.

No matter what, though, there is coolness afoot.

One last thing: Massively is ultimately correct in that it is all about money. However, they got there by the wrong path. Mainstream media hates geeks because we're different, and it's easier to beat up on people that are different than part of the herd. By beating up on geeks, they get to create a sensation, and sensationalism sells. It's that simple. It's the same old story of the schoolyard bully stealing your milk money. You can either lie down and take it, or fight back and refuse to patronize them.

Your call.