Sunday, January 13, 2008

A week's worth

Well, I never said I'd update daily, now did I?

Say hello to my new head piece, currently on probation until I decide whether it's going to work out. I'm actually amused by the proliferation of eye patches on RP servers especially, noting that they always appear over the right eye. And noting that all WoW characters are dexter-oriented, that the right eye is what one would use to aim one's crossbow.

But it has a cute little skull and crossbones on it.

I guess it'll do until my hat drops.

So: world of PvP: largely gotten old. I need to adopt a disciplined approach or I'll never get any of the good gear from that. Possibly either Wednesday or Monday nights, at least until the guild formerly adopts "BG Night".

Grinding: I've started trying some other approaches to getting leather to sell, but now that I've gotten rep with Og'rilla, I can hunt there and gain more rep. Sah wheet. This will hopefully pump some badly needed gold into my epic flyer fund.

Speaking of which, they appear to have a demonic version of Goatse up there (clicky the pic to the right). Oh yes, it's six hands and square, but you can't tell me otherwise.

Another good place to grind is Nagrand, where one can not only gather hides, but also foodstuffs that can be turned into delicious Huntard Chow.

On to the weekend. As I mentioned before, I decided to go in to Kara again with the guild, and to make up for the stress, ensure that I didn't overdo it and take mental health days. Yesterday was that Kara day.

I was nervous at first - we had four Hunters, counting our sometimes capricious raid leader. I volunteered to sit it out so my slot could be filled with something maybe more helpful, but the GM said otherwise - might be we just needed the body at that point. But at any rate, in we went with four huntards, an ice mage, a lock, a space goat priest, our lead pally, our lead tank, and a tree.

Attumen, I was not so worried about. We brought in a plow and set up a proper farm there. But then the two problematic ones - Moroes and Maiden. The guild has downed them 1 and 2 times respectively (in all cases, I wasn't there) but we had a decidedly odd mix this time, so I was prepared for 2-3 hours of tears.

Incidentally, they appear to have fixed the sound artifacts in the first floor of Kara.

Unfortunately, they also changed Moroes so that he doesn't reset if the whole group leaves the room. So, we wiped the first time around in the room, in the ballroom, on the stairs, and at the front door, depending on who you were.

Sigh. Take 2.

The strategy was simple: take the casters first, then Moroes, then the leftover adds. On the first part, I totally agree, because they can be burned down fast. I'm not entirely sure I agree with leaving the other adds up while we beat on Moroes, but I don't really understand that encounter yet so this means little. My job was to keep a backup trap laid under the circle, and that's what I did. And the little sucker stayed trapped or shackled pretty much the whole time.

I got garrotted at one point. Usually the mark of death, since the priest is usually too busy elsewhere to note my health status at that point. However, I have discovered that Stoneskin clears the effect as it would a poison. It's good to be a dwarf.

Finally, after much worries on my part, Moroes went down. Sweet. Of course I forgot to get a screen shot. Hopefully next time.

We proceeded next to Maiden. Not much to say here other than the fact that as usual, I died. However, so did she, so cool. Our GM declared Maiden to be on farm status. I'm gonna be a wet blanket and say I'd be hesitant to go that far.

Last week, the guild tried the Opera event and got nuked. They got Oz, which I hear is a tough one. This week, we got Big Bad Wolf, by all accounts a gentler ride. The trick is to run around in circles if you get changed into Little Red Riding Hood. Bigwigs rules.

Well, not circles. Run along each wall, and don't cut corners! I considered Feign Death but remembered seeing this awesome video ("... hunnerd thousand druids and no combat rez!"). Maybe I shoulda, since either I cut some corners or I just suxxored at running.

As a guild, we put him down, though. Our GM is totally chuffed at this point - four bosses down, and three of them one-shotted! I tell you, it does the heart good to see that bounce in her chats, if you believe that's possible (I do).

Best moment: we're pausing for our trophy shot, and I hear over Vent from the RL: "Don't skin the damned boss!!" I swear to Mammon. One of our huntards skinned BBW, making his corpse go away. And they wonder why I use that term! There is something wrrroooooong with us! That's why! The above screen shot occurred just before that Kodak Moment.

Wolfslayer did not drop. About the same stats as my current bow, but with my +5 dwarven abilities, possibly overall a better weapon. Plus: it just looks awesome.

Nor did Beastmaw Pauldrons, which I'd like to at least look at to determine if they're a suitable replacement for my current shoulders or not.

We next went out and got the back door, and took our first evar crack at Curator. This is where it gets fun. We did not, of course, survive. We were not prepared! I think the multiple hunter pets was a problem this time around - too many focal points for the chain lightning. I did remember to get BRK's Curator macro and share it with the rest. I'm not sure who used it though.

Overall, though, it was an excellent raid for this guild, a real shot in the arm for all concerned. Spirits were high and a lot of trash was being talked. Good times.