Monday, January 7, 2008

Trouble Me

My absence from our weekly Kara raid didn't seem to hurt our chances of winning, at least as far as the first three bosses is concerned. Unfortunately, apparently, egos asserted themselves again after the Opera (Oz, alas) event blew up and Bouncy Pally /gquit without adieu. Fortunately he came back. But he has at least one toon in a raiding guild that makes a habit of stealing poaching recruiting from ours so there is that hanging over our head forever and a day.

Regardless of pangs of guilt, I feel better for having not been there. A change of venue and perspective is useful. I watched Stardust (verdict: incredible movie, but hardly groundbreaking) and Kill Bill Vol 1 (Verdict: won't be taking mom to see this any time soon, but damn!)

I'm guessing our IP issues have stabilized (though RR has acknowledged nothing, so this is subject to revision). So maybe I can contribute something to the next pass. I am cautiously optimistic.

Life has a week to attend to that, and rarely disappoints.