Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A strange place to be

Our GM's shadow priest alt got her initial Ramparts run tonight, and instead of Grimm for DPS, we brought me since I get XP out of the deal. A good time was had by all, except our Tankadin's Warrior alt was annoyed that he caused one wipe. One whole wipe! Oh noez! Considering that the highest level in there was a 66 shammy, that is not bad at all.

We also had our newest guildie - a friend of a current guildie - who is playing a BM hunter. Like Grimm, she was facing the confusion of a first time doing CC in a group. I did what I could to help out in the whisper channel, and by the time we got to the last boss she was trapping with a high degree of confidence. She accepted the input in the spirit it was given and commented that it was unusual to get advice of a helpful nature like that. Another reason I love my guild - that's how we roll in the Order of the Vorpal Bunny.

I got a nice set of shoulders as an upgrade on all but spell crit - I can live with that. But the biggest surprise was the damage meter score - I was by a long shot the highest damage dealer there. I was not expecting this, and because of this, I am starting to strongly distrust SW Stats. I need to remember to turn on the combat log and run it through WWS for confirmation next time.