Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prepare to be boarded

A raiding guild on our server has made a serious habit of looting poaching stealing recruiting players from our guild to the point that many in our guild will not tolerate any truck with said guild because they're perceived as assholes, especially the GL.

Word came down last night in guild chat that said assholes guild are turning over to a high-end raiding guild and will be moving their lowbies to our guild.

Um. Do we get a vote? It's our guild, after all.

While it would probably give us some more fodder for our Kara raids, I have objections.

1) We are nobody's trash heap.

2) We are not begging for scraps at the master's table.

3) We do not know these people (and we already have a silent guild within the guild that never interacts with us).

4) We will not provide training and experience to people just so they can pack out and leave when The Master deigns to grace them with a re-invite.

In my opinion, a grueling interrogation should be required with extremely sharply defined requirements for membership, and no access to the guild bank until some arbitrary condition is met.

I seriously resent this crap.

Here are my questions to my guildies:
  • Do you consider yourself to be friends with the people in this guild?
  • If so, how is it that you reconcile abandoning your "friends" at the first sign of an easier path to gratification?
To me, hardly sounds like a friend.

Yes, I am very annoyed at the mere possibility.