Saturday, January 26, 2008

O Death, where is thy sting?

Although I had signed up for Kara this weekend, I considered not doing so to balance that I had been drafted last week to get our raid moving. I decide to go ahead and raid since that was in my mind to do so.

Bouncy Huntard showed up without signing up, and was told he might have to sit this one out since it was a full group. I had an uneasy feeling - this is the fella that has one foot in the bothersome raiding guild that seems to come up all too often in conversation, so I volunteered privately with the GM to make a hole for the fella. She took me up on my offer - I suspect she's nervous about losing a reliable DPS / Pally combo as well.

I am going to give the man a talking to, though - his excuse for not signing up is that he doesn't have a browser. I will send him a damned CD with Firefox if it comes down to that. Had I known the excuse would be so ... lame ... I'd've thought twice. Sheesh.

A bit later, the call comes - might I be able to fill in? Our raid leader hit the wall again (he works at night), so some shufflage took place to add a DPS in place of a priest. The raid had already downed Attumen and Moroes (2 wipes, so work still to be done there). Next up: Maiden, then Opera.

For the first time, we took out Maiden without a huntard sacrifice. Of course, we did give up a shammy and a lock instead, so now we know the math (har har). It was nice seeing her go down while still vertical myself.

Opera was the next event. Predictably, we wiped multiple times on the trash before the event itself. Speaking of which: Romulo and Julliane. A somewhat complex event, but I am happy to say it was not so complex as to keep us from one-shotting it. A very good run, in other words, though no phat Huntard lewt dropped.

Damage levels were pretty good. By the end of the two events, I had drawn to within a 10 points of our top damage dealer. That was somewhat unexpected, with three Huntards in the group and both more experienced than myself. I'm still not sure I trust SW Stats in this regard, either.

Afterwards, noting I had a full 25 badges now, I went and grabbed the Choker of Vile Intent, a decent Hunter neck item, and an improvement over what I had before. Going to have to adjust some other stuff, though, as my to-hit rating has dropped over 5 points.

Tommorrow, we take a crack at Curator, assuming we can get 10 bodies.