Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I made you a cookie. But I eated it.

Today or thereabouts marks the first birthday for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Huzzah!
  1. When I picked up the game again, it was December 2006. I had deleted my old stable of toons previously, and didn't realize that I probably could have gotten them all back. c'este la vie! I fairly well like the toons I have now, so no big loss.
  2. I was allowed back in my old guild! I've said it before, and I mean it - if not for these people, I would not be playing WoW. As it stands, the content is always teetering on the edge of driving me away, but good people around you will make a huge difference. A big wet kiss to the Vorpal Bunnies!
  3. I remember the day that TBC came out. These days there's a lot of revisionism going on, where people say "the transition was pretty smooth". Um, no. For three days after TBC came out, the game was nigh unplayable for some people. Server crashes whenever people went into Ramps, as an example. The closest thing we have to compare to is the rollout of Black Temple and Zul'Aman, both which went pretty much flawlessly. So hopefully they've learned from TBC and WotLK won't suck as much.
  4. Old content: Bliz really has dropped the ball here, and has stated absolutely no interest in correcting this oversight. If anything does, this is the deal breaker for me. Old world content has become neglected and futile. Somewhere around Un'Goro, most players hit 58, and off they go to Hellfire, though perhaps not right away. Nevertheless - Silithus and the Plaguelands are pretty much ignored now. Strat, Scholo, Naxx, Blackrock, DM, BWL, MC, Onyxia - forget it. If warlocks didn't need DM and Scholo for the epic mount, I bet you could remove them and nobody would notice. And it's a crying shame, as these all have lore and history behind them.
  5. New content: shallow. After the initial novelty wore off, I was underwhelmed. I have no emotional investment in any of the new factions, none at all. Outland was where Illidan went when he was banished, and that's pretty much the sum of it all. Re-inventing it as a battleground for The Burning Legion feels tacked-on and meaningless. The views are spectacular, in many cases beautiful, and the flying mounts gives rise (heh) to some novel landscapes as well as a means of restricting poorer (as in $$$) characters, but I really can't be arsed to care.
  6. Endgame: Karazhan, Black Temple, The Eye, Zul'Aman, Serpentshrine. Wherein we slay legends. I can't wait for the third expansion, Into the Emerald Dream, in which we put Elune on farm status, and sharding Frostmourne to make room in the guild bank.
  7. Longevity and Getting Us To The Next Expansion: I personally think it's going to work out pretty well. Only the very most advanced and dedicated raiding guilds have gotten all the way through the endgame at this point. The vast majority of guilds - even raiding guilds - are still working on getting geared and procedures down. With Sunwell on the horizon, I think that the vast majority of the players will have plenty to do - albeit repetitive things - prior to setting out to slay yet another legend.
I personally didn't think I'd last another year in this game, but I certainly don't feel like it's been a year, so in terms of providing some entertaining and compelling gameplay, I have to give Blizzard the props. I hope WothLK corrects some of the problems with TBC's rollout without just totally ignoring it from then on out (though it would not cause me any grief to see Outland go away for good).