Thursday, January 31, 2008

How not to PuG

I got in a PuG with one of our newer guildies and, as with all pugs, we spent a lot of time just getting ready. This was the heroic daily so everyone had to get the quest. Then the tank went to respec. Then the lock didn't have his key and went to get it, but somehow ended up in Shatt instead of Cenarion Refuge.

I understand. These things happen.

But when the tank keeps asking what appear to be basic questions, and the party lead is getting more and more cranky in party chat instead of truly trying to get everyone working together, it's a bad sign. And when the party leader just up and quits on the 2nd pull (because of a wipe) - the party is over.

No explanations in private chat or guild chat, either.

I put on airs and applogized on behalf of the guild, offered to reimburse the warrior for the respec and the palli for the repairs, and let the GM know that, depending on the guilds these guys were from, we might be hearing signs of displeasure from another guild or two over this.


No matter what, that sort of behavior is unsatisfactory. Just plain wrong.

On to other things.

In discussions with our raid leader about Kara raid balance, I cattily offered to sit a few out in response to a "too many hunters" crack. Well, I would if it was necessary. I am a team player, and helping my friends out is more important to me than getting a chance to skin the Big Bad Wolf.

However, our RL is not really looking for that. So I asked: I have one of each, what do you want to see come up next? He wants either a mage or rogue. Now, I like playing my rogue. But I don't have near the coordination to carry off a Kara raid with him in confidence. So Illume is getting fast tracked. It will be interesting when she passes Flora on the ladder. I wonder if my toons will be sorted by level in the login screen.

A new realm has opened! One of the realms that can transfer to it is Alleria. I wonder if the guild will transfer there. It would certainly make it hard for you-know-who to poach.