Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hard like Heroic (2)

We did Shadow Lab last night as a time trial sort of thing. Apparently the tank for the run in which I got the Sonic Spear claimed that we did it in 48 minutes. I don't recall it being that fast - heck, we took at least a half hour in front of Blackheart the Inciter. The run last night, not so much. Our uber tankadin just went in and grabbed entire groups, which we'd then burn down. No fancy CC strats when she's on the case. So I have to wonder how the value of 48 for the night before was arrived at.

After that, we did Heroic Mechanar. This was a lot of fun despite multiple wipes. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to pull a mob off our tankadin after she pulls. More times than not, the mob would just keep on going. Eventually this lead to some serious giggle fits.

We had our newest raiding lock with us, and he did pretty good, topping the DPS out at one point even over our GM, who is a DPSing frost mage. Pretty sad state of affairs when the Hunter in the group is fighting for 2nd place. Clearly, I must gear up some more.

One way to accomplish this is to get lovely drops like this from the end boss. It's not the Beast Lord Helm I was hoping for, but it's a partial improvement over what I had, so I will absolutely take it. No gem slots, more's the pity, but even without gems it beats my old gloves except in two areas.

As of now, I'm pretty much maxxed out on to-hit stats, hovering around 130. Now I'll be focusing on RAP, Crit, and Stamina. At 130 hit rating, I pretty much have a 100% chance to hit a level 70 MOB with my current ranged weapons.

Speaking of new guys; apparently our new mage was stealing from the guild bank and putting stuff on the AH, and was caught by the Grumpy Priest, who promptly notified the GM. I had noticed that this mage was being shared between at least two people this past Saturday when I was trying to get him to replace me in Kara, but I had no idea that this was going on. Needless to say, we're all a little bit in shock.

This is a great guild, with people that are in general helpful and generous. Why is it that one feels the need to steal from such people? Last night, the GM put the Savagery enchant on my spear without asking for anything in return. That's just how we roll in this guild. It just totally befuddles me that anyone would even need to steal from these people. Ask. If anyone can help, they will.

Well. As I said last night at the end of one of the more hysterical corpse runs of my life, I <3 my guild. That's from the heart.

And for our friend the mage: the only thing that kept our GM from sheeping you and me from releasing the rampant Scotsmen is that there are no Scotsmen in WoW. But if I see you again, we might see if drunken rampant Dorfs are a good substitute.

And that, too, is from the heart.