Tuesday, January 8, 2008

For the hoard!

Oh, wait, battlegrounds don't have hoards to loot. Well phooey!

As you may have gathered, last night I got into a couple of battlegrounds. First up was Warsong Gulch, which I have to say was the second most uncomfortable WoW experience I have endured. Nobody had a plan. Seemed that Alliance was all Defense. But since nobody said one way or the other, it's hard to say.

My defensive game was good, and I ended up the 4th highest rank Alliance, which ain't bad for a first timer. However, we did lose.

Next up was Arathi Basin. According to common wisdom, Alliance isn't doing well here. Oddly enough, we won two out of three last night. In both instances, someone took charge and handed out orders - group 1, the mine. Group 2, the smith. Group 3, the stables. Take them and hold them and we will win. And we did.

My numbers weren't as great there as they could have been, but I wasn't in the thick of it as much. However, in one case I did get to do a Rambo thing and hold off 4 Horde with just me, my cat, and my spear and magic helmet. Then they wheeled in a shammy and a lock and I got my cockles toasted. But by then reinforcements had arrived, and those six hordies were not being used elsewhere, so mission accomplished says I. Sometimes survival isn't the objective in a team effort. Bottom line is that I got over 200 honor points instead of 80-ish.

I am amazed, forsooth, that I actually had fun in AB. But there you have it. I did!

I hear tonight is patch night. I wonder if 2.3.2 will change anything in AB?

See you on the other side.