Monday, January 21, 2008


Now at level 63, I've made my first incursions into Zangarmarsh, and am prepared to hit Terrokar very soon. Ramparts has been taken and completed. Blood Furnace is queued for the next opportunity.

I've been told by the GM that any time I want to try my Dreadsteed quest, just say the word. I suppose I need to get on that or this vanilla beastie will be it. But seriously. I should have a mount with a flaming mane. I just should.

Outfit-wise I'm sort of in a weird place. As you can see, I am somewhat similar to Gabe in terms of, shall we say, a theme, other than a theme of look what I found at Goodwill, mom!. This is serious business. I can't suck Vashj's soul out wearing this getup!

At the same time, known Warlock Union approved outfits that I can actually sew are all rather inferior to what I have from drops. So what's a stylish evil gal to do? No, I don't know either.

One thing they don't tell you about the Pools of Aggonar is that there's a dude embedded in the bedrock, and apparently still not completely rotted off the bone. He must have been a potent fella since he looks perfectly intact. Other than the being dead and embedded in the ground part.

I only mention this because most people only see his gamey remains from ground level, where he doesn't resemble a powerful (yet dead) being as much as a rather odd and inconveniently placed landmark. But there you have it - that ramp most people run up to get to the other side is actually his halberd, which is conveniently buried in the ground at the haft.

Here's a little parting shot of me, as an Arrakoa, in that one quest where the Dranny get served by some very grumpy Broken. I forgot to try the /dance emote to see what would happen. Shazbot!