Monday, January 28, 2008


My Kara run for Sunday was inadvertently set back over 1.5 hours due to RL concerns. I hadn't actually planned on Sunday but since I wasn't in 1/2 of the Saturday run, my desire to die over and over again had not been fulfilled.

Surprisingly, the guild had enough starters at the appointed time that my absence wasn't that big a concern, though maybe we were a little light on the DPS as a result (this comes as a surprise to me, but the new damage meter seems to back that up). I don't know that it would make a big difference, though. One raid member shared private disgruntlement that (a) people weren't listening to the GM/RL, and (b) she wasn't coming down on them like a ton of bricks. Hey, that's not how she rolls, and you know where the big shot raiding guilds are if that's how you feel. If they'll have you. And words to that effect - more gently applied - were given in return.

<rant>I have to say that I am getting tired of stroking the egos of raider guild wannabees in an effort to keep them from going astray. Our guild charter is front and center. If you can't read, is it my problem? Do you want to be in a group where your only worth is how many Professor Plums you bring to the table? If so, begone, I say. I prefer to play with friends, possibly adults, and not a bunch of mouth-breathing teenybopper killing machine aspirants.</rant>

Right. Kara, then.

Once we lost one member of the team, I was asked to come in to fill in, which I had parked in anticipation of. We got one last shot at Curator. This was both fortunate, and unfortunate, as you will see.

Unfortunately, this is only the second time I have done Curator, and I didn't do all that well. I died early on in the encounter, which had to have hurt. There were at least three sparks out when he hit the first Evocation stage. We were getting in each others' way.

In short, we need to learn this encounter as we have the others. I'm not annoyed as much at our failure as much as not being sure what I need to do to do my part better. I will research over the week.

Right as we were rezzing and closing down, the servers started to go south. I was rezzed, but didn't appear in the instance for several dozen seconds. Others were less fortunate. Then we saw that nobody was in Outland; all the new content, in fact, was offline. Within 2 hours, everything else was.

Now this is where things are fortunate to us. By my calculations, had we downed Curator, we would have probably been kicked out just as we were looting. Can you imagine the howls of anguish if that happened?

I think we're getting real close to doing a weekday evening Kara run to start clearing out the front early on. That will help a lot.

Random notes:

1) I am very pleased with my DPS output during the short time I was in there. Looks like the neck piece I mentioned in the last post is working out very nicely.

2) My ghost kitty is up to level 44. Coming right along!

3) I've found that farming mats in Nagrand ends up being more profitable than doing the non-instance dailies. If that means I never have to do that stupid egg-bombing quest again, I'm a happy huntard.

4) At least 1/3 of the servers were down last night. Why hasn't WoW Insider done an article about this?