Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bloody Bird Flavored

I haven't mentioned last week's Kara runs because I'm a bit heartsick over it. There was Guild Drama; our raid leader was stalling out on Moroes, we were wiping, and he finally quit the raid in a snit. When we replace him from the queue of people waiting for a shot, he made a snide comment in Guild Chat about it. Then he went fishing for compliments, and when he got a half-baked one (which was half more than he deserved), he retorted with an insult and /gquit.

As our second in command said, O The Drama.

As far as I am concerned, good riddance.

Of course, it doesn't solve our issues with Moroes. I felt pretty good about our new plan of attack, but Grumpy Priest decided to pitch a fit over having to heal us, especially the pets (who contribute nothing to the team, you know, especially not a 3% attack buff or anything).
And of course we wiped on Maiden too.

Now I've been having IP problems all week, so I decided Thursday that I really couldn't be relied upon to be there for the guild today, so I unsigned myself. I had things to do, anyway, so I did them.

Naturally, Attumen, Maiden, and Moroes all three fell.

So I'm starting to think that either I'm bad luck or I do not bring what is needed to the party. Right now I am in a very Screw Kara frame of mind.

Sad thing is that I'm pretty sure it's not me. But I'm honestly afraid to show up tomorrow or next week for fear of screwing up whatever good luck they have. They desperately need to do well.