Monday, December 24, 2007

I've had worse

May your Yule be magical and demon-free. I has reindeer! Lookee!

This weekend's Kara run was not all joy and delight. We took Attumen down with dispatch, there were some nice drops, and then we headed for Maiden, who the guild took down last week just fine. As I feared, though, we are borderline and not really ready to put her on farm status. Two wipes before I had to check out to prepare supper, and one more wipe after before they called it a night.

Sunday was a no show since we didn't get enough people to fill the ranks. Told ya we were a small guild.

So we decided to give Heroic Ramparts a go. Now, I'm particularly glad we didn't go to Kara now because we sucked in Ramps. I don't know if it was the bad mojo of having two hunters, just bad communications, or what, but we got to the first boss before our pally called it on account of pain.

Consolation prize: the daily was Shattered Halls. Remember my last encounter with this delightful place? Today was the opposite. There is nothing like having a group of people that understand how to work together to make it look easy. Sometimes they work together too well, as often I would have to ask to get instructions, but that's OK. We had a few wipes, but one-shotted all the bosses.

Speaking of which, Bladefist dropped Beast Lord Handguards, making this my third piece. One more and I have another bonus!

One last thought: this group was totally comfortable with the Hunter doing the pulls for most of the way in this instance. This is my preferred pulling method but for some reason there seems to be an opposition of the main party being in total safety while the hunter takes the sole risk in pulling. What is up with that? Well, I'm glad this group (GM's priest, her sweetie two-boxing, and Grumpy Lock) is familiar with and confident of some of the more sophisticated and safe pulling methods. Now for the rest of the guild.