Saturday, December 8, 2007

Attumen Down

When last I spoke, we were about to make our first attempt at Karazhan. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it, and there wasn't enough turnout for a full ten-man even if I had.

This week we tried it again. We got 10 people. And our little, tiny guild took down Attumen.

I am so proud of my guildies. They kick ass. Our GM especially, who has worked very hard to bring it all together without turning us into a hip hoop left right by the numbers raiding guild. That is not so easy a job.

Attumen dropped Steelhawk Crossbow, a significant DPS improvement over what I had, although not a stats improvement. Screw it. I'll make up the stats elsewhere. :: grin ::

We took a shot at Maiden as well. No luck, though we did get her down to 38% at one point. I think my positioning was off. I'm going to read up on it some more.

To victory!