Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Whole new perspectives

With all the 2.3 patch changes, long-avoided quest lines take on some luster. Already mentioned are the terrible trio of Darkshire, but I'm running through a few other quests right now that are totally different now. For example, the book quest in Alterac. Crushridge Warmongers (haven't done yet, but can there be much difference?) The Hillsbrad courier. I soloed that sucker last night, DoT-ing anything in sight until I was the last body left standing. Exciting! Thrilling! Prior to the patch, this quest was rarely achievable without friends. But now even a squishy (albeit a face-melting squishy) can win if she plays her cards right.

I've also dumped all my jewels off on Kutath, the jeweler of the troupe. Instead, I'll keep stone and metal and faction stuff. Amos is still the keeper of elemental stuff.