Friday, November 2, 2007

What's in a name?

A couple of days ago I was helping out a guildie with a relatively simple Elite quest in the Searing Gorge and he commented along the lines of "I hear you talking about 'huntards' all the time but until today I didn't know what you meant."

OK, I confess, I use that term both affectionately as well as derisively. I figure that if you get it, we have a laugh, and if you don't, I'll have a laugh with someone else over you not getting it. It's how I roll.

At the same time, the negative form of 'huntard' is a bit of a burden to bear, for when one misbehaves, we all get caught in the splash.

In this particular case, the huntard in question was a Survival spec, and was jumping the gun before the casters had replenished mana, etc, claiming that he could "hold the mob until they were done."

Yes, yes, I am boggled too. I'm not going to question one's spec choice, but I can't understand how a Hunter of any sort could figure that he could tank, in any capacity. We're not squishy, but we're not rock-hard, either. We're al dente. Dragons like al dente.

I wasn't in danger of being mistaken for this guy - after all, my guildie has seen me in action and, even though I'm no BRK, I am trying to play my class appropriately. That means pet control, crowd control via chain trapping, that means aggro management, and of course that means DPS when we're not busy with that other stuff.

So I was gratified, that one of my peers recognized this. Also flattered.

So to you, anonymous guildie, a salute. And to you, Mr I-got-aggro Huntard, a big recommendation to read up and improve.