Sunday, November 4, 2007


I can't believe it. Practically everyone else in the world has a trainer in Shat for the high-end stuff, but do tailors? Noooooo! Tailors need to go to HH and talk to the tart in the attic. In other words, a hell run through Terrokar, Zangarmarsh, and Hellfire Peninsula with anything and everything aggroing on me along the way.

I survived. Nyah!

This wouldn't be such a big issue except, thanks to Grimmtooth's efforts, my bags are stuffed with Netherweave, and the mailbox has another 20-30 stacks waiting to be offloaded once I have the means to do something with them.

Mind you: right now I am making stuff that I can't wear yet, so making Nether clothes isn't too important to me right now, but collapsing all that Netherweave down to 1/6 its volume is.

I would also like to state at this time that when I find out what genius decided to put master-level trainers in places like Theramore and Aerie Peak, I have just a few words for said person:
/petattack Developer
/cast Curse Of Agony