Monday, November 5, 2007

Run, little orclings, run!

After helping with Flora's fabric fetish, I had some fun in mind. Y'see, I've never been into BRD or either of the BRS's. And the GM wants to take on Onyxia,(1) so that means getting some keys.

So I played, and looted, and had generally a good time, earning very little cash and absolutely no faction or anything like that, but I am learning the dungeons all personal-like which is a good thing, and probably more effective (other than the dying part) than being lead by the nose. Random performed magnificently, tanking as many as five high-40 and low-50 elites at once, with very little aggro leak and very few hits on the healing needed.

I tell ya, that HoT buff to Mend Pet has so totally buffed the entire class, it's not even funny. We're doomed!

Also picked up some new recipes thanks to improved Aldor faction, and got an inscription for my troubles.

Tomorrow, I swim in the deep end. Next day, back into the kiddy pool to start working on getting my armor sets together.


(1) – Hey, doesn't that look like Flora?