Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Paging GOMF

Back in the Amiga days, there was a nifty program designed to get rid of Guru Meditation Errors (similar to the BSOD of Windows yore) called GOMF - "Get Outta My Face". When WoW upgrades go bad, I really need something like that.

And it didn't just go bad, but went bad in spectacular fashion, as FuBar took a beating and as a result, around 1/2 my plugins went nuts. I eventually traced it down to a bad install of Babble (a localization library) but it was pretty hairy for a while.

More specifically it was a borked install of the FuBar-Plugins library that *required* that Babble be installed seperately. It was confused as to whether to use the embedded version, or the base install version. I had fiddled with using non-embeds at one point, didn't like the results, and had reverted ... except this one small little bit, which I had never figured out how to unwind.

Let that be a lesson. Plugins are Serious Business. If you experiment, be sure to save a snapshot of what worked previously, just in case.

This of course curtailed my questing just a bit, but I was able to knock out the Bring Down The Warbringer! quest line, which climaxes with an enjoyable jaunt around an Infernal staging area with a Fel Reaver pet. I'm guessing that when 2.3 goes live, that this will become a mandatory quest for Huntards wishing to tame one for themselves. Although I hear rumblings that the new pet will be moved to 2.4 due to some game mechanic issues (namely, how to transport cartloads of Defias Bandits that the Reaver requires for food).

Speaking of 2.3, it is confirmed in the forums that 2.3 will go live next week unless something awful pops up in the meantime.