Monday, November 5, 2007

Netherweave - yayz!!!1

Gathering Runecloth was becoming quite the harrowing experience. I've been at it so long that I actually popped 52 1/2 and still had one lousy point left to get to 300 in tailoring, and thus pick up the netherweave skill.

So I switched off to Grimm and let him take out his bug for training (ImWithStupid is still only loyalty level 3, but he's getting better) in Hellfire. Two stacks of Runecloth ftw.

So, off to Honor Hold to get the tart in the attic to train me up on Netherweave. I not only got the netherweave skill, I maxed out the trainer in the process! I'm now a Master tailor. I've also made a pile of yummy Netherweave Bags for all the toons. All the good cloth stuff, I can't wear yet. Ah well.

One last thing. what in the nine hells is that on the left? It was bouncing around in Ironforge wrapped around a Furbolg.