Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nerf or Need?

A big change in the 2.3 patch was how they nerfed so many quests to help speed things along. This has had some far-reaching effects, but in a way it is also sad.

Gone are the days in which Mor'Ladim is fearfully avoided. Morbent Fel? More like Morbent Fail. Eliza? Cupcake. These are three big boogeymen of Darkshire that are now far less challenging but also far more accessible.

So is it a good thing, or a bad thing?

It's also darned difficult to tell if re-speccing Illume from frost/arc to flame is all that effective or not. I think it is, but the numbers are hard to compare before and after the patch, and we don't have Dr. Boom here in Azeroth.

I did manage to take out the Obsidian Guardian in Uldaman to get his power core. That was slow, difficult slogging. Here's the key - if you exit the instance, you will have to more or less start over. The guardian may be reduced in size, but he will still have the same damage and get shards at 80, 60, 40, and so on. You have to weather those.

I started off by ducking inside the back door, popping a shard off of him, then running back out of the instance. Did that five or six times, let the shards despawn or die, then went in and did him for real using Mana Shield and my wand. That way I was able to stay alive while also managing mana. You cannot use Mana shield and any real spells and expect it to keep going for any amount of time, and this fight done in this way will take five minutes or so, so the mana has to last.