Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kara Bound

Our GM put out the word this weekend: 1PM server time on Alleria our guild will make its first ever attempt to run Karazhan. I hope to earn a spot in the group, but I know that my DPS is still not where it should be. Hopefully fair-to-middlin' chain trapping will make up for that.

My contemporary lock friend is laying down obscene damage compared to mine. This was driven home last night when our GM asked for him specifically for a DPS slot. I thought OMG, I've been dissed. But not really. If you have a lock that sustains 600 DPS and a Huntard that sustains 400 DPS, which you gonna pull in a tough situation? This is World of Warcraft, not Charitycraft.

So. What do I do about this?

Gearing up is obviously one thing to do, but Beast Lord Bits ain't falling out of trees. And I'm about as good as I'm going to get from quest rewards.

Well, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. I've got 1900 GP saved towards my epic flying mount, and I am going to take at least half that and commit it to gearing up. I don't know what I can find on the AH, but what I can find, I'll get.

And then we'll see where we stand on Saturday.