Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A good guild run

It's funny, almost as if my guildies are reading my mind - or my blog - without me knowing about it. Right after I ruminate about feelings of inadequacy vis-a-vis DPS, I get two tells last night looking for my bow and magic helmet. Our lead Tankadin's healer alt was one, and our GM the other. Tankadin afk'd for a bit so the GM won that race. Sir Whacks-a-lot, I will make it up to you.

Following up on my thoughts about getting my DPS up, I spent the first part of the night in IF cruising the auction house. I found nothing useful. I am going to see if my Dragonscale LW skills will take me to the next level - two of the pieces I am wearing right now, I made myself, after all - [Felscale Breastplate] and [Felscale Pants]. At any rate, nothing showed on the AH that I will care to wear at this point. However, weapon-wise I managed to score [Crystalforged War Axe] but it was not delivered until after the instance run completed.

Which brings me to Heroic Mechanar. I'm not sure why we were running it - not one of the dailies - but our GM had a hankering to run it, and so we did. It was an all-guild team, and we each got 3 badges from it. We skipped the fire boss since we don't have the greatest in fire gear right now. The good news is that the end boss drops [Beast Lord Helm], so there was hope for the 2nd part of my set after not getting my pants (a running guild joke) in Steam Vaults the other night.

Well, the hat, she did not drop. Instead I got [Telescopic Sharprifle]. While it has the same DPS as my [Emberhawk Crossbow], the stat bonuses are much nicer. I also made myself a 20-slot ammo pouch to celebrate.

The run went well. We wiped a few places, and as I mentioned we skipped the 3rd boss due to concerns of immanent death, but we did OK. Our GM commented to me that she seemed to be noticing an improvement in DPS, which is an incredible ego boost that I must fight to prevent it taking over, but at any rate maybe my focus is paying off. In fact, I had to throttle back my DPS for all but the boss fights - our healer complained that it was quite difficult to keep our tank alive if I kept peeling off aggro, forcing the tank to chase the mob and the healer to chase the tank. Both myself and Bouncy Warlock were on notice after that, so I held off my steady shots and that seemed to help. (yes, I know I have redirect, but nobody wants to wait 2 minutes between pulls).

Once we completed, our GM commented to the guild at large that we had just completed our first all-guild Heroic instance. Wow! I am, as they say, totally chuffed now.

There have been mutterings about running The Bot soon to get the other half of the Arc key quest done for myself; Bot also drops a BL armor piece, so once again I will be hopeful.

Yep, definitely a good guild night.

Vera. I am naming the gun Vera.